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Solar Circulation Groups


Mod. Novasol 6013 - NOVASOL MONO

Solar circulation group Mono for the return branch of the solar circuit

Cod. 19905597

NOVASOL MONO 6013 solar circulation group guarantees the correct flow-rate and an adequate prevalence of fluid in solar panel systems. Con- sisting of the return branch of the solar circuit, the group in addition to the basic functionality also integrates accessory functions such as thermo- meters, non-return valve, safety functions and read / adjust the flow. The special design, compact and functional, integrates the possibility to pre- set the SEITRON control unit mod. ELIOS 25. Easily installed but without compromise on performance.


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The Product

NOVASOL MONO 6013 solar circulation group guarantees the right flow-rate and an adequate prevalence of carrier fluid in solar panel systems.
The groups constitute the return branch of the solar circuits, ensuring the functions necessary for operation. The groups include the system shut-off valve with thermometer and non-return valve. It is possible to exclude the non-return valve in case of system maintenance. Connected to it there is a safety group with a safety valve suitable for solar systems, connection for the expansion vessel and system pressure gauge.

The group is complete with flow meter, available on request in different calibrations. It integrates the connections for the loading / unloading of the circuit.

The module is supplied as standard with Grundfos UPM3 Hybrid ErP-Ready circulator.

On request, different circulators can be supplied, for hydraulic characteristics or energy efficiency.
Innovative design and compact dimensions characterize the protection cover of the direct circulation group. Molded in solid PPE with a density of 45 Kg / sqm, it guarantees the protection of all the functional elements of the product as well as a high level of thermal insulation. Its particular structure makes it possible to make the most of the installation space but without compromising maintainability.

Practical cable guides, made directly on the cover, ensure maximum freedom during installation allowing them to pass in all directions.
The NOVASOL MONO 6013 version integrates the control group of the ELIOS series SEITRON. This makes it possible to have an extremely simple and compact group, but complete with all the essential functions for controlling solar systems.